Character List

Character List for The Ways of Eternity

Character KeyLooking for a guide to the characters in The Ways of Eternity? Curious about the story’s primary players, whether gods, goddesses, warriors, priestesses, or non-humans? Maybe you want to learn the pronunciation of a favorite character’s name. Perhaps you’d like to track characters’ ranks, titles, or family connections. Or perhaps you simply want to see which of the various characters most piques your interest.

On this page, I’ve identified the key characters in The Ways of Eternity along with a few honorable mentions. Three levels of characters are presented. Some play a major role in the story, some facilitate the growth or illustrate the nature of the main characters, and still others round out the story line as it progresses. To me, all these characters are important. Many are friends. And most will appear in future installments of the I, Horus series.

I hope you find this list helpful and have fun with it.  Enjoy!

Gods and Goddesses
Horus Son of Isis and Osiris; Child of Ra; Child of Light; Child of the Void; Creator of the Shift; Mysterious and Majestic; Merciful and Magnanimous
Isis Horus’ mother; Osiris’ wife; Nephthys’ sister; Seht’s sister-In-law; Holder of High Magic; The Grand and Gracious
Nephthys Horus’ aunt; Isis’ sister; Seht’s wife; Anubis’ mother; Abettor of Tricks; Revealer of Secrets; aided Seht in his plot to murder Osiris, aided Isis in Osiris’ resurrection
Osiris Horus’ father; Isis’ husband; Seht’s brother; Nephthys’ brother-In-law; murdered by Seht and brought back to life by Isis, with the aid of Anubis, Thoth, and Nephthys; The Mighty and Beneficen
Ra Horus’ grandfather*; father* of Isis, Osiris, Seht, and Nephthys; King of the Gods  (*Nut, Geb, etc., being ‘unknowable’)
Seht Horus’ uncle; Nephthys’ husband; murdered his brother, Osiris, Horus’ father
Horus’ Followers: Priestesses and Healers
Maeta High Priestess of Isis; in Horus’ 2nd circle
Mehlchehsia   Priestess of Isis; Mystic
Nalia   Horus’ governess and surrogate mother; Priestess of Isis; Teo’s mother; in Horus’ 1st circle
Nahtaeya Priestess of Isis; chosen by Maeta to serve Horus
Petraylia Priestess of Isis; High Healer; one of the few Daughters of Isis (Order of Mystic and Healer); Tatuuf’s wife; in Horus’ 2nd circle
Taesha-Ia Priestess of Isis; Ankanya’s daughter
Horus’ Followers: Chieftains and Warriors
Fassah 5th Order Warrior of Osiris; under Tatuuf’s command; in Horus’ 3rd circle
Harsiif Chieftain; Kairn’s father
Kairn 4th Order Warrior of Osiris; Harsiif’s son
Korris 6th Order Warrior of Osiris; under Tatuuf’s command; Tatuuf’s chief guard; commander of an order of guards; in Horus’ 3rd circle
Mesrahan 7th Order Warrior of Osiris; in Horus’ 3rd circle
Saien High Guard of High Priestess Maeta
Sartehf Chieftain
Sarti 4th Order Warrior of Osiris; in Horus’ 3rd circle
Tatuuf Chieftain of Many Tribes; 7th Order Warrior of Osiris; Petraylia’s husband; in Horus’ 2nd circle
Teo Horus’ protector on the island; Horus’ surrogate brother and best friend; Nalia’s son; 5th Order Warrior of Osiris; in Horus’ 1st circle
Horus’ Followers: Non-Human
Antuus Lion; lives in Isis’ garden on the island
Flame The Way of Flame; part of All That Is
Ka-Shen A Watcher
Seht’s Followers: Commanders and Warriors
Harian Commander
Kafar Winner of Seht’s contest and awarded task of killing Horus
Malik Commander; newly appointed on Netum’s recommendation
Netum Seht’s Counselor; Seht’s highest-ranking and favorite human
Terin Commander
Nephthys’ Followers: Priestesses
Califah High-Ranking Priestess of Nephthys

Honorable Mention

Gods and Goddesses
Anubis Nephthys’ son; Seht’s stepson; Rider of the Winds; Guardian of the Gate; Keeper of the Flame; aided Isis in Osiris’ resurrection
Thoth Isis’ Counselor; Keeper and Knower of the Book of Secrets; Sacred Scribe; Thrice Magic; aided Isis in Osiris’ resurrection
Servants in the House of Ra and the Duat
Mahtaeo Servant and companion to Osiris
Miri Servant and companion to Isis; 1st in rank