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Here you’ll find your questions, submitted via the Ask the Author page, and my answers to them. For ease of navigation, questions/answers are organized by subject into the following headings: Writing; I, Horus Series-The Ways of Eternity;¬†and In Addition.

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Lt_Blue_RoseWhat made you decide to write fantasy novels? Was this always the genre you wanted to explore?

Actually, I didn’t think about genre. Not in the beginning, certainly. I just had a story and all these characters, and I wrote. Odd as it may sound, I was several years in before I consciously became aware I was writing a fantasy. If I’d planned for genre, I’d likely be writing a mystery series. Now, of course, I’m glad I let it simply happen. Writing fantasy, it turns out, is deeply fulfilling for me.

I, Horus Series-The Ways of Eternity

Flower of LifeSeht is a powerfully evil character. What was your inspiration for his character?

Hm, that’s difficult to answer. He was the inspiration for him. He pretty much came fully formed, as it were. In fact, that’s the case for most of this book’s characters, and I’ve found it’s best to get out of their way till it’s time to revise.

In the chapter where Kafar makes his way onto the food basket, he seems to be taunted by some unseen force. Is this Seht? If not, who?

Ah-ha. A close-reading question. And one I’m not going to answer. ;) For now, I’ll leave it to the pages to reveal (the answer’s there–you’re on the right track in asking; ah, but which track?). But it’ll be clear by the end of the next book.

In Addition


What was your experience at Miami University like? Would you recommend it to others for its English program?

Oh, my experience at MU was fantastic. I had a great time. Marvelous profs–two especially–and staff members, great friends and classmates, gorgeous campus. I really liked my apartment, too. Yeah, I have a lot of wonderful memories. And, yes, I would recommend its English program. Highly.