Burst Your Outlook Open
D.A. Dean

Your Perception Is Only Limited by Your Outlook, So…

Burst Your Outlook Open!

Outlook and Perceptions“There’s nothing you can’t prove if your outlook is only sufficiently limited.” Lord Peter Wimsey in Whose Body, by Dorothy L. Sayers

Perceptive, Lord Peter. (Yes, though many literary characters hold a special place in my heart, he remains one of my favorites. Thank you, Ms. Sayers.)

“…If your outlook is only sufficiently limited.” How often do we make up our minds about something before we even arrive at the party, so to speak?

Perception, perception. Often and in so many ways, it’s been said we are our perceptions. Well, why not (like Lord Peter so often does) allow ourselves to expand and to peek beyond our own outlooks?

Let’s challenge our certainties. Let’s dismantle and re-form them as warranted. Hearts and minds open, we may find some certainties confirmed, others swept aside and a fresh path, luminous and resonant with promise, revealed.

Indeed, some of the most interesting paths are found this way. Certainly, the most intriguing, maddening, rewarding paths I’ve walked have appeared because I’ve turned to see them, a few stretching and wide, many narrow and half-hidden–or, of course, because someone else, recognizing a pivotal opportunity, gave me a loving shove.

I am thankful for the “loving shoves” I’ve received throughout my life. And in the last two months, oh, I’ve received a whole bunch of them. As a result, I’ve published an ebook (I spent years creating), I’m now on Twitter (two months today), and, well, I’m writing this blog on my own website (official launch five weeks ago come Monday).

Yes, it’s been a busy, overwhelming, surreal, and wonderful two months! I’m looking forward to what awaits in the next two. And the next. And. There’s always so much to learn, and though it can be discombobulating (I love that word) at times, it really is grand.

So, how about it? Are you limiting your outlook or dancing at your party? What path is revealing itself, shining, before you? Who are your “loving shovers”? And when’s the last time you told them “thank you”?

I’m off to tell a few of mine right now.

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