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I’m delighted to welcome you to my website, HorusWay. I hope you find your time here both informative and enjoyable.

The Ways of Eternity is the first installment in my I, Horus fantasy series about Horus, the Egyptian god, his journey toward his destiny, his love for humanity.  My own journey developing this series has been challenging yet immensely rewarding. I invite you to join me, to join Horus, and, perhaps, to begin a journey of your own.

Best wishes,
D.A. Dean

(excerpted from The Ways of Eternity)
Copyright 2013 D.A. Dean

Foreword: Are You Ready?

Come nearer, Beloved, and give me a smile in greeting.  Yes, I see you, shining, before me.  Do you know who I am?

It is I, Horus, and once again I have come to you.

For eons, I’ve allowed only pieces of my story to be known, waiting for the time when you might be ready, when you might understand.  That time has come.  That time is now.

And so, I will share my life’s tale.  Perhaps you may sympathize with my sorrows, revel in my joys, weep for my losses, wish me well.  Perhaps, even, you may remember me with love.  We have met before.

I will make all clear for you.  Look into my eyes, blue as any sky, and see.  Travel with my soul and know: I wait for you.

Into this time, your time, the Last Time, I have journeyed, and to it we will return.  But my story begins, as I began, in the First Time.

In the First Time, before the Fall of September….  Before the Abolition of Apartheid, the Circle in the Square, the tearing down of the Dividing Wall….  Before the dreams of Ghandi, the two Great Wars.  Before Napoleon fashioned himself Emperor, Robespierre’s Reign of Terror, Peter the Great.  Before the Old World lay claim to the New, the Reformation, and Europe’s Golden Age.

Before the Black Death, Kublai Khan, Genghis Khan, the tribulations of the First Crusade.  Before the time of Fujiwara Michinaga, Charlemagne.  Before Muhammad, before Attila the Hun.  Before the lessons of Christ, the construction of China’s Great Wall.  Before Hannibal, Alexander, Confucius, and Buddha.  Before the Caesars, Shoguns, Pharaohs.  Before the pyramids, before the Sphinx…I came to Be.

In the First Time, after Creation and the Big Bang….  After the maps of the stars were planned and the first meeting of sea and sand.  After Amen sighed, after Ra walked your lands.

After Isis and Osiris moved among you, building order from chaos, bringing the Ways.  After Seht, full of envy and enmity, fell upon your lands, culling followers, bargaining with shadows.  After The Murder ended the Golden Days…I came to Be.

In the First Time, during the Shadow Days when even the gods fell to their knees….

I came to Be.

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